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Martin Kippenberger once said, A good artist has less time than ideas. This idea is the whole reason we have created Artist.com! We are an online community for artists to promote and sell their work. Artist.com was created to enable artists to focus on the thing most important to them, their art! We promote the up-and-coming artist, giving them and their work invaluable exposure. We allow established artists to have their works seen by more prospective buyers. We give artists a way to connect with viewers on a more personal level through social media. Artist.com has one simple goal; to allow artists to be just that, artists! Our gallery will be available to everyone, online, and at all times. Gone are the days when people have to seek out a local art show to discover affordable art. Gone are the days when only the elite have access to the finest art. Most importantly, gone are the days when an artist struggles to get their beautiful art the attention it deserves. Welcome to Artist.com!

Artist.com is here for art lovers, artists, and galleries. Art lovers can browse online, look for art which appeals to them, or for latest artwork of their favorite artist, or even look to see which art a gallery is showing, and which artists they are featuring. Artists can easily create an online business, and once they have uploaded their art, have it shown to the world, giving their art immense exposure which it otherwise might not have received. If artists have their work showing at a gallery, they can also link seamlessly to that gallery. Galleries can register on artist.com, and upload and feature the works of artists who show art at their gallery. Both artists and galleries can post their own "news and events," their own "blogs," and can have customers contact them directly, in order to be able to sell their art. Soon, the website will have a feature allowing artists and galleries to sell their work directly through the site.

Artist.com is dedicated to being a worldwide resource to art lovers, artists and galleries. If you have any suggestions, criticism, concerns or compliments, please use the "contact" tab (https://artist.com/contact/) to let us know your thoughts. We care, and want to have the site serve you the best it possibly can. Welcome to Artist.com!