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About Alessio Mazzarulli


I started with arts in 1998th, modeling clay until 2000th. 
Since 2000th to 2014th I had no more time to dedicate to arts: studies, degree in economics, marriage, work (I'm currently a tax advisor). 
In the end of december 2014 I re-started with arts... painting... 

Now I'm living a full immersion art situation: every life's moment is a great inspirations for painting it.
I love painting abstract scape (land, sea, urban); sometime I paint people.
For me, painting is to "block the time" in that exactly moment; it's often a faded memory so my artworks are consumed, eroded by time.
Sometime I paint walls also eroded by time, with mosses and mushrooms grown on the walls.
Passing time is the main topic of my works.
I come from a beautiful experience of modeling clay, so I love the sculpture, the third dimension, the sense of touch and my artworks are characterized by relief, thinking to sculpture.
Thank you for your read!