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  • Hidden (n.408) - Travel Luggage Tag (Fiber Reinforced Plastic)


    Gloss White 2-Sided Travel Luggage Tag is made of Fiber Reinforced Plastic, for durability (Bag Tags 0.09” thick). Pre Cut to Accept Standard Travel Luggage Tag Strap.

    Buy Hidden (n.408) Travel Luggage Tag Art Print by artist Alessio Mazzarulli available at Travel Luggage Tags are made of fiber reinforced plastic for durability. Check out the Travel Luggage Tag (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) Art Print collections available at

    Artwork n.408  27.10.2017  Dimensions  95,00 x 75,00 x 2,50 (cm)  This unique artwork is a painted high quality canvas and is sold unframed, ready to hang with a hook on the back.  Edges are painted.  Each piece is securely packaged, wrapped and protected for shipping.  I use DHL courier: European shipping arrives in 24/48 hours; International shipping arrives in 48/72 hours.  A delivery tracking number is provided.  The surface has small reliefs and I love to caress it, feeling it...  I also use acrylic resin in surface that gives a glossy effect and protect colors against sunshine and dust.  Signed and dated in back.  Signed in front, if you want.  Measures can be a little bit different, because I prepare myself the wooden frame and I stretch the canvas after painting.  Different light sources can give different colours on the photos.  For more pictures and info contact me, please!  Thanks.

    About Alessio Mazzarulli

    I started with arts in 1998th, modeling clay until 2000th.    Since 2000th to 2014th I had no more time to dedicate to arts: studies, degree in economics, marriage, work (I'm currently a tax advisor).  In the end of december 2014 I re-started with arts... painting...  Now I'm living a full immersion art situation: every life's moment is a great inspirations for painting it. I love painting abstract scape (land, sea, urban); sometime I paint people.   For me, painting is to "block the time" in that exactly moment; it's often a faded memory so my artworks are consumed, eroded by time. Sometime I paint walls also eroded by time, with mosses and mushrooms grown on the walls.   Passing time is the main topic of my works.   I come from a beautiful experience of modeling clay, so I love the sculpture, the third dimension, the sense of touch and my artworks are characterized by relief, thinking to sculpture.   Thank you for your read!

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