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Anastasiya Valiulina

Anastasiya Valiulina

Very happy that I can do what I love most in this world! Becoming a professional artist I draw paintings on those subjects that excite me. It can be life events, trips in some places, or my dreams. I love life, art and summer. I am a member of the Union of Arts of Russia Many of my paintings have found their new owners in different countries (UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Japan and others). All artworks are made with oil or acrylic paints on canvas, I love its rough...

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  • White water lilies Original oil painting 60 x 90 cm

    • White water lilies Original oil painting 60 x 90 cm, Paintings, Fine Art,Impressionism, Floral, Oil, By Anastasiya Valiulina
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    This is an original oil painting with beautiful water lilies in pond. Painted with brushes and palette knife on canvas. This work is unique, this is not a print or other type of copy. Signed on the front side and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

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    Artist Name Anastasiya Valiulina Year 2017 Portfolio Name Flowers Art Form Paintings Size 90 (cms) H x 60 (cms) W Style Fine Art,Impressionism Genre Floral Media Oil Price $800.00 Keywords blue water,floral painting,flower painting,landscape painting,oil painting,original oil painting,pond flowers,pond painting,ultramarine blue,water lilies oil painting,water lilies pond,water lilies,water lily,flowers,landscape,l illies,original painting,ultramarine
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