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Barbara Rachko

Barbara Rachko

I am drawn to Mexican and Guatemalan cultural objects—masks, carved wooden animals, papier mâché figures, and toys—for reasons similar to those of Man Ray and the modernists, who in their case were drawn to African art. On trips to southern Mexico and Guatemala I frequent local mask shops, markets, and bazaars searching for the figures that will later populate my pastel paintings and photographs. How, why, when, and where these objects come into my life is an important part of the process. I...

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  • All Paintings Are Framed!

    Artist Barbara Rachko is pleased to announce that all sold paintings are framed.   The large paintings (38" x 58", 58" x 38") include an $1800 frame, and the smaller paintings (20" x 26", 26" x 20") include a $700 frame.   ... Read More

    All Paintings Are Framed!