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Ben Mosley

http://www.benmosleyart.com Ben Mosley is one of Britain’s leading artists, his work capturing the emotional energy, overflowing passion and dynamic movement of athletic display and popular culture in pieces that may be described as once figurative, cubist and abstract expressionist.  Commissioned by the biggest organisations within sport including Wembley Stadium, Manchester United, McDonalds, The London Olympics, and The Emirates and Creek Golf clubs in Dubai, Mosley is fast...

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  • Asian Jazz

    • Asian Jazz, Paintings, Abstract,Cubism,Expressionism,Fine Art, Anatomy,Erotic,Figurative,Nudes, Acrylic,Canvas,Painting, By Ben Mosley
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    This painting is based on my personal experiences with my girlfriend who is my inspiration behind this painting. She is from Hong Kong and very beautiful to me. I wanted to capture her from many different angles because she is around me all the time, in my thoughts and in my mind. The colours of Matisse and the form of Picasso have influenced me within this painting. Picasso once stated that "A women is all around you". This is what I am trying to portray in this piece. I have called it Asian Jazz because I feel that the piece has the vibrancy of summer and the excitement of a lasting relationship and the movement of jazz. I use acrylic paint because it suits my style of being able to layer and I paint with many different materials to create my angular style.

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    Artist Name Ben Mosley Year 2016 Art Form Paintings Size 36 (inches) H x 36 (inches) W Style Abstract,Cubism,Expre ssionism,Fine Art Genre Anatomy,Erotic,Figura tive,Nudes Media Acrylic,Canvas,Painti ng Price $6,000.00 Keywords painting, sex, women, Picasso, fine art, asian, cubism, erotic, expressionism, expressionist, les demoiselles d'Avignon, nude
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