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Ben Mosley

http://www.benmosleyart.com Ben Mosley is one of Britain’s leading artists, his work capturing the emotional energy, overflowing passion and dynamic movement of athletic display and popular culture in pieces that may be described as once figurative, cubist and abstract expressionist.  Commissioned by the biggest organisations within sport including Wembley Stadium, Manchester United, McDonalds, The London Olympics, and The Emirates and Creek Golf clubs in Dubai, Mosley is fast...

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  • The Yellow Wall

    • The Yellow Wall, Paintings, Abstract,Cubism,Expressionism,Fine Art,Futurism,Impressionism,Modernism,Pop Art, Composition,Narrative,People, Acrylic,Canvas, By Ben Mosley
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    This painting is ambiguous and an abstract version of a crowd of people coming together in celebration. This painting was influenced by the amazing supporters of Borussia Dortmund who are amongst the most fanatical soccer supporters in the world

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    Artist Name Ben Mosley Year 2015 Art Form Paintings Size 40 (inches) H x 40 (inches) W Style Abstract,Cubism,Expre ssionism,Fine Art,Futurism,Impressi onism,Modernism,Pop Art Genre Composition,Narrative ,People Media Acrylic,Canvas Price $7,500.00 Keywords Abstract, Expressionism, Cubism, Sport, FineArt, Painting, AbstractExpressionism, Crowd, People, Picasso,
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