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    Soft Mouse Pad, Rectangular.

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    CLclose up of VW 1200 logo on side of the car

    About Benjamin Dupont

    French native, I am been living in Asia since the age of 23 back in  2004. Spending most of my years in Thailand and nearly 2 years in Vietnam. I discovery photography on my own, I like to freedom to create image through various style I do not limit myself and therefore the reason to have a variety of different work. From fine-art architecture, minimalism,blacl and white street photography to colorful landscape, drone aerial view and more. After capture my shots I like from time to time to post-process, edit the photo to emphasize the feeling I want to bring. Purchase my art to display in your dome, Travel to place without leaving your seat.   contact me for different editing, I am ready to work (re-edit) on to art upon request.