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    Shop Babcock in Autumn Canvas Print by artist Carol Milazzo DiRenzo available at Check out the best price and select the print sizes, wrap, frames, canvas and room view.

     This is the Glade Creek Grist Mill in Babcock State Park, West Virginia. This photo was taken in Autumn.

    About Carol Milazzo DiRenzo

    I am a retired Financial Advisor and semi-professional photographer who loves to travel and take photographs with my husband Mike who is a retired teacher and professional photographer. His images can be seen at I have three married daughters, two step daughters and am grandmother to six granddaughters and one grandson ages 2-21. Mike and I enjoy traveling around the country in our RV visiting many State and National Parks along the way. We spend much of our time taking sunrise and sunset shots or exploring with our black Labrador retriever Zona who goes along with us on all our camping adventures. We especially love the southwest, Pacific northwest and the east coast. Some of our favorites parks include Monument Valley, Great Sand Dunes NP, Arches NP and Grand Tetons NP in the west and Acadia NP, Babcock SP, Blackwater SP, and Cape Hatteras on the east coast to name a few. Lighthouses are another photography passion of ours. When I'm not spending time with my family and friends I am usually occupied with some kind of photography event with my husband with either with one of the clubs we belong to. 

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