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  • Oil on loose Belgian linen - Snelling beach , Kangaroo Island

    • Oil on loose Belgian linen - Snelling beach , Kangaroo Island, Paintings, Fine Art, Impressionism, Realism, Landscape, Seascape, Canvas, Oil, By Christopher Vidal
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    • Artist Name Christopher Vidal
    • Year 2018
    • Portfolio Name Landscapes
    • Art Form Paintings
    • Size 18 (inches) H x 24 (inches) W
    • Style Fine Art, Impressionism, Realism
    • Genre Landscape, Seascape
    • Media Canvas, Oil
    • Price $530.00
    • Keywords seascape, landscape, realism, fine art, impressionism, beach, rocks, sand, sunset, contemporary realism, clouds


    Title: Snelling Beach - Kangaroo Island SA  Medium: Oil on Loose Belgian linen  Size: 18 X 24 inches This painting is on loose canvas and will need stretching   Painting inspired from my latest trip to Kangaroo Island. Snelling beach is a nice place to relax in the afternoon, maybe enjoy some fishing or simply looking at the waves. The rocks are red due to lichens and hence present a beautiful contrast to the landscape. The beach at sunset is an ideal place to relax and reflect. The energy of the waves contrasted with the solidity of the rocks are metaphorical to the journey of life with all its ups and downs. The painting is painted on loose Belgian linen however if requested it can be stretched and hung without need of framing. Christopher Vidal is a realist artist inspired by the style and techniques of the classical realist painters such as Caravaggio and Dutch painters as Rembrandt. He is also inspired by the American painters of the Hudson River School and the Australian impressionists of the Heidelberg Art Movement.  His works of art brings together classical realism from Europe and US as well as Australian impressionism.  With his work Chris finds a connection between his love for science, environment and arts. With his work he wants to show the beauty of nature and to re-establish the connection of humanity with nature.  This painting is Varnished for protection PRODUCT GUARANTEE  These paintings are handcrafted and individually made and so are not mass produced. All materials used are of a professional grade. Paintings are varnished for protection. To clean it just use a damp cloth and DO NOT use any cleaning agents.  Paintings are photographed in a professional studio setup to retain fidelity of colour to the original painting. However slight variations might occur due to lighting, digital photography and monitor settings. Copyright Christopher Vidal (2018) I have a copyright on this original painting so it may not be copied in any way, however original artwork can be resold.    

    Oil on loose Belgian linen - Snelling beach , Kangaroo Island was created by artist Christopher Vidal in 2018. This art piece , which is part of the Landscapes portfolio, is a Paintings artwork. The style of this artwork is best described as Fine Art, Impressionism, Realism. The genre portrayed in this piece of art is Landscape, Seascape. The artwork was created in Canvas, Oil. The size of the original art is 18 (inches) H x 24 (inches) W.
    Words which artist Christopher Vidal feels best describe this work of art are: seascape, landscape, realism, fine art, impressionism, beach, rocks, sand, sunset, contemporary realism, clouds.

    About Christopher Vidal

    Currently living in Sydney, Chris was born in Malta and migrated to Australia in 2009. His love for the arts started when he was very young. At 6 years of age he developed an interest in drawing. For three years, at the age of 13, he attended the School of Arts at Palazzo de La Salle in Valletta, Malta. After finishing his academic studies Chris obtained his PhD from the University of Malta and worked as a scientist in various government and private laboratories and as a medical researcher in Malta and Australia. He worked in clinical biochemistry, food quality control and forensic genetics.

    During his career as a researcher he presented his works and findings at a number of International conferences in Europe, US and Australia. He also published his findings in peer reviewed scientific journals and books while supervising students reading for their degrees.
    However his innate love for painting remained. More than ten years ago he started painting with oils and fell in love with this versatile and dynamic medium. Traveling around Australia gave him more inspiration and motivation, and since 2012, he started painting on a regular basis and exhibiting his work in various art shows around Sydney and surrounding areas. His daily practice of painting helped him to develop his skills and knowledge of painting especially the use of color very quickly. His scientific background also helps him to understand better the effect of light on the various pigments used in paint and so he considers each painting as a challenge to try to create the illusion of light using paint. He considers each painting as being a representation of reflected light from objects around us.

    Dr Vidal's style of work was developed through years of experience in drawing and painting. He considers himself as a contemporary realist with his preferred subject being the landscape. Studying classical arts mainly drawing from life helped him to develop drawing skills and a keen eye for detail. During his studies he was influenced by the works of the great masters especially by the works of Caravaggio.  He is also influenced by the American landscape painters of the Hudson River school and by the Australian impressionists of the Heidelberg School movement.

    As an artist he expresses himself in his paintings, especially when painting landscapes. His inspiration comes from his love of the arts, science, nature and what is around him. Nature inspires Chris in many ways. Standing in front of a mountain makes him realise how short our life is, as although dynamically changing, these mountains have been standing much before human existence and will stand beyond our time. Trees also have a story to tell, as they stand the test of time constantly battling the weather and gravity while searching for light and water. Ocean, lakes and rivers remind him from where all life started. Strong waves and ocean currents sculpt our coastlines while maintaining the right temperature on earth necessary to support life. Looking up at the skies reminds Chris of the vastness of the universe. The glorious moments full of spectacular colours when the sun sets behind the horizon at the end of the day is a time of reflection about the day that just ended, and that every precious second of life should be embraced.

    With his paintings, Dr Vidal wants to re-establish our human connection with mother nature. Chris sees that unfortunately humans lost their connection with nature and this is leading to a destruction of the same nature due to excessive consumption, waste and neglect. So with his artwork he wants to show the beauty of nature and of life itself. He sees that arts also is heading in a direction of negativity and darkness, and this is not the purpose of arts. He believes that Art should be a representation of beauty coming from within the inner self. 

    Chris' works are found in private and corporate collections in Australia and Internationally. 
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