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Whether you are thinking of upgrading and renovating your house or your business, Consigliere Program can provide beautifully designed, cost effective solutions to meet all budgets. A team of skilled, well experienced experts will help to create the mood and environment which is best suited for your taste, and the ambience which you are trying to project. The team of Consigliere will listen to you, and will guide you to achieve your aspirations. We can provide you with perfectly selected artwork from many artists, to meet all requirements, goals and budgets.

Among the capabilities of Consigliere are:

  • Learn what your desires, tastes, goals and objectives for a room, home or business are
  • Coordinate as to the best strategy to create that effect, whether it be original or reprinted art, or wall murals or other wraps made from artwork of artists around the world
  • Acquire the original artwork or reprinted artwork, or have a mural or wrap printed, using the most refined and precise techniques, from any of the artworks which are chosen
  • Arrange for the installation of the artwork into the selected location Consigliere helps you choose from many varieties of art, and can also work with artists to create artwork to meet the needs of any patron. In other words, if our customers do not find something which specifically meets their needs, we can have work commissioned for them, by any of the artists we work with.

Children's Hospital Emergency Room


Before an artistic transformation, the Children's ER is cold and sterile. That may be good for germs, but not for the clients for whom the department is intended, and that is scared children who are sick.

After children-hospital
After children-hospital

The addition of a friendly zoo and underwater adventure can have great impact upon the experience of a child in the Emergency Room. The "white coat syndrome," in which children fear doctors and hospitals, can easily be replaced by a happy experience and a fond memory.

Recovery Room In a Hospital

Before Recovery Room In a Hospital

There is nothing wrong with the typical recovery room in a hospital, but we can make it better

Inspire comfort, healing and peace, in those patients just awakening from anesthesia.The earth tone, calm and inspiring images may help patients to recover better, and could improve their experience in and satisfaction with the hospital or surgery center facility.

After Recovery Room In a Hospital

Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Before Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit

Our visual senses and impressions begin as soon as we open our eyes.While there is nothing wrong with this neo-natal nursery, the walls are plain and uninspiring.We can make it better.

This mural on two walls in the neonatal ICU,helps to transform the entire experience of anyone in this room.The tones and mirrored symmetry centered at the inflection point of the two walls,keeps the mind at peace

After Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit

Boardroom / Conference Room

Many important decisions regarding running a corporation, are made in this room. Board members or other visitors may spend many hours here, brainstorming intensely. Break the status quo of a 4 wall white room! Let a mesmerizing masterpiece of art or scenic murals inspire and stimulate creative and innovative thinking during intense decision making sessions. A relaxed mind is a productive mind.

Before Boardroom / Conference Room
After Boardroom / Conference Room
After Boardroom / Conference Room
After Boardroom / Conference Room
After Boardroom / Conference Room
After Boardroom / Conference Room
After Boardroom / Conference Room
After Boardroom / Conference Room
Before Boardroom/Conference Room

No attention to detail has been left out in this luxuriously appointed boardroom.Could we make it better?

An incredible ceiling mural adds elegance and style,creating a lasting memory for all board members who convene in meetings under it.

After Boardroom/Conference Room

Indoor Pool

We thought it would be difficult to improve on an indoor pool, until we added a layer of 3D clouds.

Before Indoor Pool
After Indoor Pool

Piano In a Room

Before Piano In a Room
After Piano In a Room

A grand piano in a room is very beautiful. We made it even better.

A collage of classic notes, with hues of brown and black, really bring out the piano.

After Piano In a Room
After Piano In a Room

A beautiful artistic mural adds additional elegance and mystique, bringing out the majesty of the piano even further

Perhaps colleagues in the symphony...

After Piano In a Room

Or a picture of the family learning to play.

Elegant Formal Living Room

Before Elegant Formal Living Room

No question, this is a beautiful formal living room. Placing a full length mural on the wall could completely change the ambience of the room, giving it a completely different character and feel. Let's see what happens.

Adding a vibrant painting to the wall gives the room a warmth and wonder to it. Our eyes are taken away from the furniture and the marble floor, and we drift our gaze toward the striking image on the wall. Notice the electrical outlet to the left of the lamp stand. This feature helps us to remember that the mural on the wall is just an image, no matter how real it may appear.

After Elegant Formal Living Room
After Elegant Formal Living Room

Another example of a 3D image creating a completely different feel to the room. No matter how much one tries, the mind cannot help but feel the aura of increased space and a grand luxurious environment. Again, the electrical outlet keeps us grounded

Is this an adjoining hallway? No, just a perfect 3D mural on the wall. Notice the electrical outlet on the wall, and one is brought back to reality. This image completely changes the feel of the room, giving it depth and breadth, with a feeling of spaciousness and enhanced elegance.

After Elegant Formal Living Room
After Elegant Formal Living Room
After Elegant Formal Living Room

Modern Living Area Floating Stairway

Before Modern Living Area Floating Stairway

No doubt, this modern living room with floating staircase is very nice and the look is clean.Can we make it more intriguing?

How about a little graffiti art to brighten the mood? Note the subtle brick texture created by the mural.It gives the feel of the outside wall of a building, filled with paint.What a difference it makes to the room!

After Modern Living Area Floating Stairway
After Modern Living Area Floating Stairway

Same room, but now it looks like we are peeking out, through a huge opening or window in the wall, onto a wooded valley.Our entire mood changes as we fill the wall with different murals.

After Modern Living Area Floating Stairway
After Modern Living Area Floating Stairway
After Modern Living Area Floating Stairway
After Modern Living Area Floating Stairway
After Modern Living Area Floating Stairway
After Modern Living Area Floating Stairway Consigliere can provide artwork for homes or businesses, in many forms, and truly, imagination is our only limit. We offer the following services and options to provide expertly coordinated artwork installations in homes and businesses:

  • Original artwork
  • Reprinted artwork
  • Consultation with artist to create original artwork, when needed
  • Murals composed of artwork reprinted from originals, provide the following advantages
    • Customized murals can meet the needs of any client
    • A variety of sizes ranging from small to extremely large, covering flat or curved surfaces, can be expertly accomplished
    • 3D (three dimensional) mural effects create a sense of spaciousness and depth to a room
    • Highest quality printing provides extraordinary detail
    • Meticulous and accurate installation provides long lasting perfection in appearance
  • Wraps: artwork reprints can be wrapped on many objects, with remarkable precision, providing stunning results!
    • Furniture
    • Tables
    • Other office products
    • Motorcycle helmets
    • Cars
    • Vans and Trucks
    • Almost any other imaginable object
  • Artwork printed into clothing

The visual cues which our eyes receive every minute of the day, transmit signals to our brain, which cause tremendous changes in our mood. For example, visual input can make us feel happy, sad, proud, welcome, confident, romantic, scared, attractive, patriotic, peaceful, welcome, hungry, anxious and content. Depending upon the situation, one or more of these emotions may be desired. We often find that people are amazed at what a change of color and imagery can do. At, there is nothing which is impossible, and our imagination is our only limit.

As an illustration of what incredible art which is beautifully and tastefully placed can do, look at some of the capabilities which we have to help change and create a mood. Consigliere believes the presentation of an artwork plays a vital role in capturing the attention of audiences. A mural, for example, can make a huge difference in the environment by enhancing the structures of each corner at the home, hotel, corporate office, restaurant, hospital and other establishment.

In a home, instead of painting walls, Consigliere can add murals in a living area which may add life into a home. In an office, we can provide elegant designs on the walls. In restaurants, we provide the proper themes to match the cuisine and mood of the restaurant, whether it be Asian, Mediterranean, Indian or Italian, etc. With the correct beautiful murals in a reataurant, the resulting ambience along with the excellent food, enhance customer satisfaction. The best restaurants not only have excellent food, but a beautiful ambience to enhance relaxation. In a hospital, the mood is often tense, with patients in pain, and suffering from disease including cancer and stroke. While waiting for the doctor or nurse, a patient's comfort and relaxation may be enhanced by a peaceful surrounding which might include tranquil and peaceful scenery. Instead of looking at four white walls, why not add a relaxing mural of a scenic waterfall, or some other art? Artwork and colors may help create positive energy in patients, giving them hope and optimism, both of which help in healing.

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