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    A middle aged woman with a preoccupied glance is looking through the window, her elbow outside of the window frame. She seems sorrowful . But the window reveals to be only a wooden frame, posted on a stone wall . The elbow of the woman is out of the frame , as she could escape from the frame, to get in a melancholic landscape of ruins and abbandoned constructions of grey stones...

    About Corinne Tomas

    Born in year 1972 in Lyon , France, I loved drawing since childhood . As I did university in Physics, I studied art in various evening classes , and I discovered the technique I would love the most : oil painting . Now I also discovered that acrylic could also be great and I realize now most of my artwork with acrylic. I like painting and drawing but do not like digital art ( I am old fashioned ! ) , I mean , I cam admire some digital work but I am not interested in doing it.  Oil and Acrylic paintings are my favorites techniques. I like realizing paintings that create an emotion, I want to communicate emotions in who looks at my paintings. I do only figurative art , no abstract.  I have been influenced by surrealists, although I do not think that my painting belongs to any special tendency ...  I just hope you like it !       

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