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Corne Akkers

Corne Akkers

My work can be seen in many countries all over the world. I employ a variety of styles that all have one thing in common: the ever search for the light on phenomena and all the shadows and light planes they block in. My favorites in doing so are oil paint, dry pastel and graphite pencil. It is not the form or the theme that counts but the way planes of certain tonal quality vary and block in the lights. Colours are relatively unimportant and can take on whatever scheme. It is the tonal quality that is ever present in my work, creating the...

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  • Filosofendal (Valley of the Philosophers) - 20-10-15

    • Filosofendal (Valley of the Philosophers) - 20-10-15, Drawings / Sketch, Abstract,Cubism,Fine Art,Impressionism,Realism,Surrealism, Composition,Figurative,Inspirational,Landscape,Nature, Pencil, By Corne Akkers
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    Artist Name Corne Akkers
    • Artist Name Corne Akkers
    • Year 2015
    • Portfolio Name Drawings - Corne Akkers
    • Art Form Drawings / Sketch
    • Size 30 (cms) H x 21 (cms) W
    • Style Abstract,Cubism,Fine Art,Impressionism,Rea lism,Surrealism
    • Genre Composition,Figurativ e,Inspirational,Lands cape,Nature
    • Media Pencil
    • Price $250.00
    • Keywords arte, art, arta, artista, artiste, artist, seni, sanat, kunst, فن, 艺术, कला, corne, akkers, corneakkers, gelderland, bergendal, treescape, impressionism, clairobscur, creative, inspiration, dutch, finearts, graphite, iloveart, kunst, landscape, nederland, drawing, pencildrawing, pencil, potlood, bleistift, crayon, netherlands, realism, tree, cubiste, kubisme, иск 091;сст ;во, cubismo, cubistic, kubistisch, kubist, roundism, rondisme, アート , الر 587;م, куб 080;зм, مذه 576;, 立體主 義, キュビ ズム, արվ 381;ստ, műv?szet


    Filosofendal (Valley of the Philosophers) - 20-10-15 Breaking up a forest into planes of light, darkness and cubistic forms. It's called 'The Valley of the Philisophers' (Filosofendal) at Berg en Dal, near Nijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands (Nederland). It is a place with some incredible sights to see, hence the name of the valley. I wanted to do a cubist treescape in stead of female bodies all the time. Graphite pencil (Pentel 0.5 mm, 3B) on Canson Bristol paper (21 x 29.7 x 0.1 cm - A4 format) Artist: Corné Akkers
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