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Corne Akkers

Corne Akkers

My work can be seen in many countries all over the world. I employ a variety of styles that all have one thing in common: the ever search for the light on phenomena and all the shadows and light planes they block in. My favorites in doing so are oil paint, dry pastel and graphite pencil. It is not the form or the theme that counts but the way planes of certain tonal quality vary and block in the lights. Colours are relatively unimportant and can take on whatever scheme. It is the tonal quality that is ever present in my work, creating the...

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  • Roundism - 13-03-18

    • Roundism - 13-03-18, Paintings, Abstract,Cubism,Fine Art,Surrealism, Anatomy,Composition,Erotic,Figurative,Inspirational,Nudes,People, Oil, By Corne Akkers
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    Artist Name Corne Akkers
    • Artist Name Corne Akkers
    • Year 2018
    • Portfolio Name Oil Paintings - Corne Akkers
    • Art Form Paintings
    • Size 80 (cms) H x 60 (cms) W
    • Style Abstract,Cubism,Fine Art,Surrealism
    • Genre Anatomy,Composition,E rotic,Figurative,Insp irational,Nudes,Peopl e
    • Media Oil
    • Price $1,350.00
    • Keywords abstract, akkers, artist, artista, artiste, arts, művészet, corne, cubism, corneakkers, cubisme, cubismo, cubist, cubistic, ölgemälde, olieverf, dutch, female, femme, finearts, frau, 艺术 , कला , buyart, iloveart, kubistisch, nghệthuật, nackt, inspiration, creative, nude, nue, desnudo, oilpainting, creativity, painting, inspirational, seni, sanat, zeichnung, في, naakt, oil, kübizm, abstractie, kubisme, kubist, الرسم, кубизм, مذهب, art, 인상주의, roundism, សិល្បៈ, rondisme, 立體主義, 立体主义, キュビズム, کوبیسم


    Roundism - 13-03-18 Some years back I saw an incredible oil painting by Herman Gouwe of a sunset in cyan, yellow, purple and red and I it baffled me. How could bright shining light ever be portrayed better than this. Through his art work and many other like Monet, Cézanne, Rik Wouters, etc., I came to realize the last years I wanted to delve into these kind of luministic colour settings more, also after I experienced something extraordinary: I was driving in my car while the sun was shining very brightly on a wet road and I saw the reflected sun light of Herman Gouwe’s 4 colours appear in my eyes. I am not a medical doctor but I think it must have tickled my cone cells in my eyes, hence the colours created by them. It was time to set these principles loose in another cubist female form. Oil on linen (60 x 80 cm) Artist: Corné Akkers
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