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In my art there is an inner search and at the same time a concentration for the visual aspect of the artwork, for harmony in combining subject and color. I started from very small to draw and experiment in the artistic field. Initially I was attracted more from classical art, I have focused my attention very on the study of human anatomy, inspired by sketches of artists like Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael. Especially the sculptures of Michelangelo have impressed me were those who "lit" my passion for anatomical drawing, pushing me to make extensive use of the technique of chiaroscuro in cross hatching, one of the techniques that I like and love to use when I have to make a drawing or sketch. Following this my "classical" period, I tried a little bit to find my own artistic identity, something that would represent myself in my work, so I tried to experiment with abstract art, concentrating more on the use of acrylic colors, to me new. Currently I'm using a lot watercolors, among the techniques for painting the one that I prefer together with the oil, trying to create a more personal and recognizable style. However, what is most important to me is to convey positive emotions in all my work, for me art means harmonious whole, those who look at a work of art must feel pleasure, temporarily breaking away from the heaviness of reality around us, lightening itself from all the frustrations of being. My personal opinion is that art must be pleasing to the eye and soul.


2010 1st International Biennial of painting, sculpture and graphics, Lecce, Italy

2010 awarded on the collective exhibition “Premio Natale in Arte, tra sacro e profano” Gallery “Il Tempio” Palermo, Sicily, Italy

2011 in the same Gallery, it has received a trophy as a reward for its artistic value

2011 participate in the "Award Tokyo International"

2011 selected for “Gran Premio Unità D’Italia” of Accademia Internazionale dei Dioscuri

2011 first personal exhibition "Mixed" in the Civic Gallery of Modern Art G.Sciortino, monumental complex Guglielmo II, Monreale, Sicily, Italy

2013 participation and selection in the International Photo Contest "Heritage Sicilia 2013"

2013 selected in the 1st Biennial of Creativity in Italy, Verona


Art School "E. Catalano"
Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo, painting
2008 course of restoration

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