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My name is Daron and i am an artist specializing in visionary and spiritual art.
All the art i create is original.  The ideas and inspiration for the art stems from a deep interest and love of the great mystery.


My name is Daron, welcome to my art. I want to share my artwork as well as my experiences as an artist on a journey that started in a very interesting way.

As a child growing up on a farm in Johannesburg, South Africa, i spent most of my time outdoors with my brother and sister, engaging in activities such as climbing trees, riding any farm animal with a broad enough back, swimming in mud, eating fruit straight off trees and spending a lot of time doing one of my favorite activities, which was to sit around a fire and tell stories of mysterious and wonderful things. My father would tell us stories of ancient civilizations and of other worldly things that made my imagination burst with possibility.
I knew the only way i could translate what i imagined and felt, was to draw or paint it.

We were involved in a severe car accident before moving to the City of Port Elizabeth, that according to doctors is what lead to me becoming a Type-1 diabetic through shock and trauma.Having spent a lot of time in hospital, all i could do was draw when i had the strength to sit upright.Insulin( medication) was still very undeveloped and expensive during that time so i spent a lot of time in hospital as a result, having close calls with the grim reaper more than once.
When waking up from a week-long coma at the age of 16, i knew that all i wanted to do is create the beauty i had seen and felt. I couldn't think of a better way to live my life than to create the surreal beauty i had imagined whilst in that deep sleep.
After leaving school i become a full time appliance technician as my dream of becoming an artist seemed so distant and unrealistic, as is true for so many talented artists out there.
Working everyday with cold steele in my hands, i began to feel increasingly unhappy and indifferent towards everything and everyone.
One sunny day, a friend who happened to be interested in powerful plant compounds such as psilocybin, mescaline and the like, said to me"Hey man, good news! I've found a shaman who will be hosting an Ayahuasca ceremony this weekend, are you keen?" 
Up until this point I didn't​ even know what this stuff is. I did some research and learnt that this stuff can be rather life changing if done correctly. So, off to Johannesburg we went. 
It is said that drinking Ayahuasca tea cleanses both body and mind.I believe this to be very true. The images and events that took place in this Ayahuasca induced state would require a poet to describe.It is both terrifying and beautiful at the same time. It is indeed life transforming and undeniably powerful.
My mind was cleansed and so was my body after all the purging and projectile vomiting. 
After having gone through this experience, I began to notice that every experience in my life kept showing me and telling me that i had to keep doing what I love, I had to create the beauty i had seen and felt.
I had no interest in selling my art at that time, and most of the paintings and drawings i had done, was given to friends, family and anyone who liked what they saw.

Off to Thailand we go !  i arrived in Thailand in 2013 and reallized that i was immediately comfortable with the people and surroundings, even the insane heat and humidity just seemed to invigorate me even more.
I became an English/art teacher at a private school, and spend my days painting and teaching ,surrounded by coconuts, chilly's and little happy thai people :D

Actually, the truth about Thailand is far more complex and interesting.But for me its been wonderful, i have been pursuing my dream of being an artist and in so doing, i have met the love of my life, she is kind, wonderful, colorful and as passionate about art and life as I am. I'm sure i will be sharing many interesting photos and videos of the funny moments we have together as well as regular updates on my art and art in progress.


Studied fine art at the University of the Free State in South Africa.

Studied privately with fine art professor Vincent Olivier.

Self studied fine art and design.