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United States

 The artist likes the surrealism and also likes that his imagination be free in the creativity process in his art work, the artist use the realism to reinforce his creativity in his artworks and give the spectator a sense of a different environment that we are not used to observe.​


The painter Edwin Pérez Caraballo was born in the year 1958 at Humacao, Puerto Rico. The painter has always resided in the town of Gurabo, Puerto Rico. Recently, he move to Las Vegas, Nevada to teach art at Clark County School District. He has studied with several renowned teachers in Puerto Rico and the United States. In the School of Visual Arts, in San Juan, Puerto Rico for the years 1979-1982, was honored to take courses with Professor Frank Cervoni, Professor Félix Rodríguez Báez, Professor José Alicea, Professor Julio Suarez, Professor Manuel Fonteboa and Professor David Goytia. At UART University in Philadelphia from 1982 to 1984 he studies with Professor Larry Day, Professor Waren Rohrer and Professor Doris Staffel among others. Having long worked as a graphic artist decides to complete his degree in the School of Arts in San Juan (2003-07). Were his teachers in those years, Eliezer Escobar, Luis Felipe, Angel Nevares, Erick French. These workshops have included drawing, graphic design, oil painting, acrylic and mixed media. In 2012 the painter, recently completed his Master of Fine Arts in Education with a concentration in Visual Arts at the University of Turabo in Caguas, Puerto Rico. He participates on different exhibitions at Municipalities, Universities and Galleries in his country Puerto Rico.


He possess a Fine Art Bachelor degree on painting at the School of Arts in San Juan. Puerto Rico. Also, a Fine Art Master Degree on Education at the University of Turabo in Caguas, Puerto Rico.