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Elena Nayman

Elena Nayman

About Elena Nayman

United States

My name is Elena Nayman, a self-taught artist of over 15 years. My subjects include cityscape, landscape and still life. I live in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. 

I have been concentrating on cityscape for the last four years. Growing up in the second largest city in Russia, St. Petersburg, I love urban streets and their busy life.

The process of painting is the most important part of my art. When I paint, nothing exists anymore and the whole world vanishes. In that moment only the canvas, oils, brush or palette knife and myself remain.

I am fascinated by light and shadows. The process of painting is a very happy time for me. Some ideas come to me before I go to sleep, and others present themselves in my dreams. Going to museums is another favorite inspiration. People who inspire me include KorovinFechin, Rembrandt, Renoir, Jeremy Mann among many others. 

I hope that my paintings convey the happiness from which they were created and bring a moment of joy and peace to you.