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Emilia Milcheva

Emilia Milcheva

My name is Emilia.I believe I was born an artist.It took me some time in my childhood to understand which art suits me best.I tried almost every art stage until I found the art of painting and I stopped looking further.The nature is the main source of inspiration for me.I am deeply touched and I admire her organic order and harmony.It is amazing how nature paints her masterpieces at every step on the way.No one can do better.So I am simply taking some captures on a loan and I rest between the layers of paint the warmth, the...

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    • IMPRESSION IN ROSE, Paintings, Fine Art,Impressionism, Land Art,Landscape,Nature, Oil, By Emilia Milcheva
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    Artist Name Emilia Milcheva
    • Artist Name Emilia Milcheva
    • Year 2017
    • Portfolio Name I LOVE TREES
    • Art Form Paintings
    • Size 24 (inches) H x 16 (inches) W
    • Style Fine Art,Impressionism
    • Genre Land Art,Landscape,Nature
    • Media Oil
    • Price $300.00
    • Keywords landscape,original,oil,p ainting,impressionistic, monet style,monet,similar,rose ,pink,spring,springtme,f orest,woods,blooming,bra nches,blossom,home,wall, decor,hanging,


    I have always been fascinated by the impressionist’s paintings. I strongly believe that the Impressionism is one of the highest achievements of the human genius. All these great men called Impressionists were chasing the nature's breathing, the living moment, the shimmering light, the beauty of the wind over the water or inside the trees crowns… “I paint what I see” – it was as simple as that!  Escaping from the studio, they brought their art under the sway of the vibrating nature. “Faster, the light is changing!” Brave brushes, broad strokes - what they actually painted were the movement and the light. All their oeuvre should be considered as an ode to light. Exactly the light is making all things and objects alive. This particular panting is a story about the spring told in a impressionistic way.  It is done on cotton canvas panel. It will be sent FRAMED and safely packed withing 4 working days after the purchase. A certificate of authenticity will be enclosed. *** please bear in mind that colours may slightly vary between the actual original painting and the way it looks on your screen due to different monitors settings***
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