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    100% Spun Polyester. Delivers look and feel of organic cotton with wickability of advanced poly-performance fibers. Features: Wicking factor, two needle double-stitch seams, four thread over-lock for extra strength in hem seams.

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    My artwork entitled “Day Dreamer” a portrait of a young girl in quiet contemplation, transporting herself somewhere else, in place, in time, in imagination. I love to day dream, it’s a trait I cherish, and it helps me with my art creations. I wanted to express this in the artwork; the magic and wonder that is felt in a day dream. I get this feeling when I thumb through a classic storybook that I remember from childhood, which led me to choose a vintage illustrative quality for this work. I wanted to set the scene of a girl as heroine in a book in the first chapter of the story, where she gazes off into the distance, moments before the day dream magic starts, transporting her to another world; a metaphor for a moment of peace, tranquility, and meditation, before life propels us forward into new adventures and possibilities.

    About Sandy Richter

    I’m a visual artist specializing in digital mixed media, paintings, and photo manipulations. Commissioned artwork include custom portraits, illustrations, and other projects for both digital and print use. My work explores many genres including contemporary, figurative, abstract and fantasy. I’ve always had computers in my life. I started working with them in high school and have been involved with the computer world in one way or another ever since. I started out coding and network troubleshooting and over the years my work has transitioned into the artistic end of the technology spectrum.  I’ve also had a life-long passion for photography as well — combine these elements together and you have a happy and fulfilled Digital Artist, living and working at my studio in the Ottawa Valley, in Ontario, Canada. I am currently available for commissioned work and custom portraits at reasonable prices.

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