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Fabio Modica

Fabio Modica

As a painter I like to talk about the human condition, through the representation of the human body and face. In these years I have produced different series, with similar themes, which can be summarized as follows: Gnosis: All the paintings of the "Gnosis" series represent individuals who, for a brief moment, decide to stop their foolish race against time. Now more than ever, this race dramatically affects our lives. We all live in a society constructed to distance the human being from humanity and critical...

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  • Fabio Modica | Marilyn

    • Fabio Modica | Marilyn, Paintings, Expressionism, Daily Life,People,Portrait,Spiritual,The Unconscious, Acrylic,Canvas,Mixed,Painting, By Fabio Modica
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    I came up with this representation of Marylin by accident. It was my first black&white painting and it was not meant to depict her. It came through as a vortex of energy during an experiment on the pictorial effects of large strokes of black varnish smeared on a white canvas. Soon after, as I was looking at a photo of the actress, I realized that the fresh paint could still be shaped into her face. This is what was left on the canvas thirty minutes later. It is a dramatic rendering of the character behind the scenes, far from the traditional bright colors of her iconic beauty. Psychological introspection and sharp contrasts are key elements in what I consider as one of my best works.

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    Artist Name Fabio Modica Year 2014 Portfolio Name Fabio Modica | Portraits Art Form Paintings Size 59 (inches) H x 59 (inches) W Style Expressionism Genre Daily Life,People,Portrait, Spiritual,The Unconscious Media Acrylic,Canvas,Mixed, Painting Price $13,500.00 Keywords ritratti,Fabio Modica,painter,portrait, painting,quadro,dip into,artista,artist,ital ia,american,italy,color, colore,color,modern,cont emporary,art,arte,sicily ,lowe gallery,studio A,design,time lapse,first,primo,spatul a,materia,percezioni,sgu ardo,occhio,eyes,visa,vo lto,faccia,ritratto,natu re,online marilyn monroe
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