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Fabio Modica

Fabio Modica

As a painter I like to talk about the human condition, through the representation of the human body and face. In these years I have produced different series, with similar themes, which can be summarized as follows: Gnosis: All the paintings of the "Gnosis" series represent individuals who, for a brief moment, decide to stop their foolish race against time. Now more than ever, this race dramatically affects our lives. We all live in a society constructed to distance the human being from humanity and critical...

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  • CARNAVAL - Bill Lowe Gallery - Atlanta - USA

    On the heels of our spectacular Ancestors: Origin & Return show, Bill Lowe Gallery kicks off a magnificent new year of exhibitions with CARNAVAL! THE NEW EXUBERANCE, opening Thursday night, January 21st, from 6 until 9 PM. This kaleidoscopic configuration of works presents... Read More