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Q: Why should I show my art online?
A: Online advertising is rapidly replacing television, radio, print ads, and almost any other type of marketing. Consumers can view products and browse/shop, 24/7, 365 days a year. In addition, most other advertising is local, restricted to a particular city. Online is worldwide. Studies have shown that the online art market is growing significantly each year, and is expected to reach $10 Billion per year by 2020.

Q: How do I sell art on artist.com?
A: Artist.com has a platform to sell reprints and original artwork. After the artist uploads their artwork, they can set the price of their original work. They can also choose to sell reprints of their work on fine paper, canvas, and high quality metal. Great attention to detail is given to make sure the prints are produced in high quality and resolution, with excellent color reproduction and saturation. Artist.com will then see to the matting, framing, glazing and shipping of prints on paper. For canvas prints, artist.com will see to the stretching of the canvas, framing (if selected by customer), and shipping. For original artwork, the artist will handle the shipping themselves. In addition, artists can choose to sell a variety of other products, including shoulder bags, tote bags, wooden gift wine boxes, men's and women's shirts, gift cards, mouse pads, mugs, baggage tags, and more.

Q: How do artists earn money?
A: Artists keep 75% of the sales of their original artwork. On reprints, they can set their own profit levels, which they can adjust on their own control panel. They also earn money on matting and framing of artwork which is overseen by artist.com. Artists are paid on a monthly basis by artist.com.

Q: How does the sales process on artist.com work?
A: Reprint sales are done through the online shopping cart. The customer selects all of the reprint products which they are interested in, and then go to the checkout. Once they select their desired method of shipping (through FedEx), their credit card is processed.

Q: How does artist.com promote the artist?
A: Artist.com was designed to help promote the artist, boost their branding and recognition, and help them achieve sales. There are several powerful tools which the artist can use. The artist is encouraged to upload art, add appropriate descriptions and keywords, verify that the color recognition software has correctly analyzed their art into its primary colors, and properly classify and categorize their art. This will help their art to be found online. In addition, the artist is encouraged to add to their "about us" section, in which they can add information about themselves, as well as images / photos. The artist is also encouraged to create their own blog, on their personal site on artist.com. The blog can be about their art, their views about art, or any other information which they feel viewers would find helpful to further get to know them. Artists are also encouraged to add to their "news and events" section of their site on artist.com. They can list upcoming shows, events, awards, recognition, or any other pertinent information. This provides exciting information for viewers, and also helps the artist to be found. One of the most powerful features which the artists can take advantage of is the ME CREATING ART section of their individual profile. With this feature, each artist can easily upload video and photos, which show them creating art, or talking about things that are important to them, such as what inspires them to create. While beautiful videos from youtube can be shown here well, it is also extremely effective for the artist to have someone record a short video of them on their cell phone, talking about what inspires them to create art, or some other topic which will bring the artist closer to the customer.

Q: What do I do if I have any questions?
A: For questions, please submit a form at https://artist.com/contact/ . Artist.com will make every attempt to promptly respond to your question. In fact, artist.com welcomes questions, suggestions, praise and criticism. Artist.com is very sincere in its desire to meet the needs of the artist, and welcomes all feedback.

Q: Are there any restrictions or requirements regarding the images of art which I upload?
A: At present, artists can upload artwork JPEG image files up to 100 MB. Otherwise, requirements relate to the quality of the image itself. Please upload either scanned images of the artwork, or have photos taken using a high resolution technique. This will help with our ability to produce high quality reprints for customers. Images of artwork should be taken in a careful manner, which emphasizes the art piece itself, and avoids any distracting features. For example, if a flash is used, be sure to not have the light from the flash seen in the image. Make sure to crop out any extraneous colors, backgrounds, frames or other irrelevant details which surround the piece of art. Also, try to avoid angling or beveling the camera when taking the picture, as this could distort the image. Scanned images can also be sent. Please remember that the more attractive the image of your art is, and the fewer distractions it provides to the viewer, the more your art will stand out, and the better the reprint which we can produce.

Q: Will there be updates to Artist.com?
A: Yes, the team at artist.com is constantly working to add features to the site, with the ultimate goal of creating an unsurpassed experience for art lovers, artists and galleries who visit and use the site. There are a number of very exciting changes which will be launched in the next few months. We look forward to this journey, together with our friends.