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  • The Kishon River 18 - Rosewood Wine Gift Box


    Rosewood Finish Single Wine Presentation Box with Artwork on Hardboard Lid

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    Nahal Kishon is a stream flowing from the Jenin area (which is known by its Arabic name: the Al-Muqataa River) in Samaria (its sources reach the Gilboa ridge), along 70 km, through the Jezreel Valley, To the Alonim Shfaram hills) and the Zevulun Valley, until they spill into the sea in Haifa Bay, and the Kishon Port is located at the estuary of the Kishon River, the second largest of the coastal rivers, about 1,110 km2. Nahal Gedora, one of the tributaries of the Kishon River, was poured into it by the oil refineries in Haifa Bay. Other streams of the stream include Nahal HaShofet, Nahal Yokneam, Nahal Nahalal and Nahal Zippori. Kishon River is mentioned in the Bible in the Song of Deborah in Sefer Shoftim, as the river to which the chariots of Sisera were swept, the army minister Yavin king of Hatzor, who fought the Israelites under the leadership of Barak son of Avinoam. Several parks have been established near the stream - the Kishon Fishing Dock Park near the Kishon River estuary, the Valleys Park and Elroy Park. In the winter of 1991-1992, the Kishon River ascended and a gated stream was brought to its banks several times and caused damage to the surrounding buildings.


    Love to shoot. Exploits the weekend trips with the family to take pictures. I edit the images with many digital programs

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