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    Dye Sublimation Printing Used to Obtain Excellent Image Quality on Mens T-shirt.

    Delivers look and feel of organic cotton with wickability of advanced poly-performance fibers.
    Features: Wicking factor, two needle double -stitch seams, four thread over-lock for extra strength in hem seams.

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    This is from my series of works titled “Visualizing J. S. Bach.” I realize it is virtually impossible to illustrate a complex piece of music, which, by its nature is already abstract. My objective was to create an image that evoked one of the great Baroque master’s musical compositions. In the process, I hoped to enrich the viewer’s appreciation of the work. My mixed media compositions consist of appliquéd paper, acrylic paint and pastels applied to a base of eighth-inch hardboard.

    About Richard Nodine

    I grew up in a small New Jersey farming community at a time when the state still resembled its moniker, “The Garden State”. I studied at Parsons School of Design and received his BFA from NYU. Upon graduation I briefly worked for a major advertising agency but found the formula creative environment unsatisfying. I returned to the Jersey shore area and took a job in the display department of a small department store. Like other artists of the period I enjoyed the dynamic environment of retail and advanced through several positions at R.H. Macy Co, finally moving to the San Francisco division where I became display director. During the 1970s and 80s Macys California was noted for both ground breaking merchandising and its many exhibits of design and ethnic art. My participation in the creative team’s efforts afforded me the opportunity to travel widely. In 1987 I formed Pacific Print Media to assist the burgeoning pool of entrepreneurs in Northern California with quality sales promotion tools. Today, concentrate the substantial pallet of tools provided by my commercial experience to the development of a personal esthetic vision.

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