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  • A LIFE TIME BLESSING - Orange And Chrysanthemum By HSIN LIN

    • A LIFE TIME BLESSING - Orange And Chrysanthemum By HSIN LIN, Paintings, Fine Art, Modernism, Photorealism, Realism, Romanticism, Botanical, Floral, Nature, Still Life, Acrylic, Canvas, By HSIN LIN
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    • Artist Name HSIN LIN
    • Year 2018
    • Portfolio Name BLOOM LIKE FLOWERS
    • Art Form Paintings
    • Size 61 (cms) H x 76 (cms) W
    • Style Fine Art, Modernism, Photorealism, Realism, Romanticism
    • Genre Botanical, Floral, Nature, Still Life
    • Media Acrylic, Canvas
    • Price $2,550.00
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    MEDIUM Artist Acrylic on Premium quality triple coated 410 g/m2 Acid free canvas, Sealed with clear spray varnish. Signed at front, sides painted black and ready to hang. Comes with certificate of authenticity. DESCRIPTION A Life Time Blessing - Orange and chrysanthemum  13/08/2018  Artist Acrylic on canvas  61*76*1.5 cm  By HSIN LIN This artwork is inspired by my visiting to Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show on Autumn 2018. I was impressed by the pleasant composition and delightful combination, the image stocked in my mind intensively, touched my heart deeply, so that I decided to freeze the magical moment onto canvas with my paint brushes. Red chrysanthemums symbolize love, deep passion, and optimism.  White roses are symbols of virtue,and trust ,dark pink roses are symbolic of gratitude and appreciation.  The yellowy hue of the colour combination stands for vitality, and the Orange in perfectly round shape on the dining table stands for harmony and abundance in life, and that's the message in this particular painting I tried to deliver. As long as we are alive, we have a life time blessing, we may feel happy, loved or even sorrow at the moment, but as long as we can still feel this moment, we have a life time blessing. -Bloom like flowers series- by HSIN LIN Although it may a bit scary to tell the story as an artist, I would still like to share the concept behind the series.  -Bloom like flowers - In this signature series of mine, I try to paint as detailed as possible in my own vision. Flowers as the object represent life itself to me.  Our own will to be alive, and the way we want to be alive.  There's so many uncertainty in life that we can not control, so that there's good things as well as bad things. However, even the wilted petals become the nutrition to the plant in natural order, so that I never avoid the wilted petals in my artworks . It is like how we deal with failures. While I carefully paint these tiny flower petals, or built up those fine leaves vines , it is like the way we try to figure out those uncertainty, furthermore, to be able to be closer to the truth a little bit more.  The stage (a dining table in this painting) is a life time , we are our own man and we can decide how we dance. You can fight with you all, you may also dance with flow. Either way, it is unique, one of a kind, and this stage belongs to you only. There's a saying that a painting is a period of time of an artist's life, for those peoples who have been following me from the beginning when I started this painting probably would know it's quite a long period of time.  Thank you for staying with me , and for anyone who's reading this message right now , thank you for being a part in my life/art journey , I hope you enjoy too. You can also view this time lapse art video in full screen without hurting your eye via below link: Artwork inspired by nature in Melbourne, Victoria, Winter 2018 by Artist HSIN LIN. Thank you for stopping by my Original Artwork .  I am HSIN LIN , an Artist based in Melbourne Australia ,obsessed with the beauty of flowers .  I believe there's no coincidence in this big wide world , every happy accident is meant to be .  Welcome to have a look of my profile if you love what I do ,give me a follow for my latest art, or even find your favorite artwork of mine to accompany your beautiful life journey .  Hope you enjoy the colourful world in my floral painting as much as I do too. Warmest regards,  H.Lin.

    A LIFE TIME BLESSING - Orange And Chrysanthemum By HSIN LIN was created by artist HSIN LIN in 2018. This art piece , which is part of the BLOOM LIKE FLOWERS portfolio, is a Paintings artwork. The style of this artwork is best described as Fine Art, Modernism, Photorealism, Realism, Romanticism. The genre portrayed in this piece of art is Botanical, Floral, Nature, Still Life. The artwork was created in Acrylic, Canvas. The size of the original art is 61 (cms) H x 76 (cms) W.
    Words which artist HSIN LIN feels best describe this work of art are: featured,  popular,  featured artist,  H.Lin,  Bloom,  helloinnerpeace,  acrylic,  original,  blooms,  leaves,  HSIN LIN,  melbourne artist,  australia,  details,  hsinlin,  Modern art,  colourful,  yellow,  Green,  Vines,  floral,  flowers,  Floral art,  nature inspired,  nature art,  white,  flower painting,  botanical,  latestwork,  petals,  petal,  pink,  white,  HLIN art,  HSIN LIN Artist,  HLIN the Artist,  blooming,  hope,  flower painting,  buy art on line Australia,  Original art,  original painting,  buy art on line,  Spring flowers,  Bloom like flowers,  the flower never wilt,  pink flowers,  white flower,  Valentine,  HSIN LIN ART,  textured details,  textured,  Still life,  Still life flowers,  original print,  Pink rose,  Pink roses,  Australia,  photorealistic,  photorealism,  contemporary art,  contemporary,  original art,  original painting,  Photoreal flower,  chrysanthemum,  Red chrysanthemums,  orange chrysanthemums,  chrysanthemum flowers,  white roses,  pink roses,  dining room decor,  living room decor,  home makeover, office decor.

    About HSIN LIN


    H,Lin the Artist

    [Artist Statement]


    Hi, I am HSIN LIN .Thank you for visiting my original artwork. Please feel welcome to have a look around my profile. As you will see, I am obsessed with the beauty and form of flowers and I adore vivid contrasting colour combinations, splashes, speckles and the rough texture of the brushstroke.


    Most of my inspiration comes from my observation of the natural world.

    I am very lucky. A short walk from home takes me into a beautiful forest and it’s here I can touch the texture of the tree bark, observe the colours of the current season and feel the sunlight reflecting on the trees and grasses. I often find myself collecting leaves, feathers and other wonderful gifts from nature which have fallen to the ground. I love to observe these in great detail and reflect their beauty into my paintings. 


    My artwork can be quite intense and emotional , however, I often receive feedback from collectors that they have found a calm and peacefulness in my paintings. I sincerely hope you will find this too.


    For me, joy is being able to paint this natural world in my way. To capture those amazing moments that have deeply touched my heart into a piece of art. It is also wonderful when others discover those same emotions of calm that I feel when viewing my paintings. I fully believe there’s no coincidence in this wonderful world, every little accident is meant to be.


    Please enjoy the colourful world of my original painting.

    If you love what you see, feel free to follow my profile to keep up with my latest work.

    You may even discover a favorite artwork of mine to accompany your beautiful life journey. Hope you find what you love and happy collecting!




    Varies exhibition from 2016 ~ current with

    * Oak Hill Gallery, Mornington, Australia

    * The Hut Gallery, Ferntree Gully, Australia

    * Box Hill Art Group, Box Hill, Australia

    * Sherbrooke Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

    * Warranwood Art Show, Melbourne, Australia

    *Melbourne International flower and garden show, Melbourne, Australia

    * Knox Art Show, Melbourne, Australia

    *Mornington Art Show, Melbourne, Australia

    *Whitehorse Art Show, Melbourne, Australia

    *Yarra Glen Art show , Melbourne, Australia

    * Walker St Gallery, Dandenong, Australia

    * Ryazanoff Gallery, Albert Park, Australia

    * Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy, Australia 




    * SEPTEMBER 2018 - original painting - To Be With You - Yellow Gum Blossoms chosen by BioPak Australia Art  Series and printed on more than 50,000 Eco-friendly cups distributed nationally in Australia.

    * March 2018 - Demonstrator / Featured artist at Sherbrooke Art Gallery, Victoria, Australia.

    * August 2017 - Featured artist on Bluethumb Romance Awareness Month.

    * August 2017 - Featured artist in Australia Artist’s Palette magazine No.154. 

    * March 2017 - Artwork - Trust Me - Cadbury the Cat - chosen and published on 10,000 postcards distributed nationally by Avant Card Australia.




    Nature, People.











    You tube: HSIN LIN ART

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