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Jackie Carpenter

About Jackie Carpenter

United States

Jackie is a female artist from Alpine, Utah. Her work has been featured in and on the cover of international magazines. You can also find her murals at The Texas Children's Hospital in Houston on the 10th and 11th floors. She has collectors all over the globe. She's won many awards including Artist of the Year, and Best of Show. She has designed Logos for cities, numerous products and many companies Art is a way of life for her, a way of living. She sees the color and emotion in everything around her. 

"Creating and sharing that passion, that gift with others is the most amazing life I could ever imagine."

"Being a grandma is something I never thought would happen for me, because of my health issues. It is such a blessing and I adore each of those sweet little gifts. Playing grandma, and spoiling the kids is just so much fun. I am so blessed and so grateful."

Her work is sometimes about social issues, that are hard to deal with. Jackie even brings a colorful, and bold view to those pieces too. She has tried to bring attention to some of the issues of the day that matter most to her, like Homelessness, Abuse, Bullying, Depression, Mental Illness and the Refugee Crisis. Other times her art is all about Fun, like her Designer Dog or Moo Cow Farm series.

Jackie Carpenter brings Bright, Bold, Emotion Filled Art to Life. Start collecting the artwork of this amazing women today.

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