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Judith Cahill

Judith Cahill

  • Cityscape

    • Cityscape, Paintings, Abstract, Cityscape, Acrylic, By Judith A Cahill
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    Artist Name Judith A Cahill
    • Artist Name Judith A Cahill
    • Year 2015
    • Portfolio Name Abstract
    • Art Form Paintings
    • Size 36 (inches) H x 48 (inches) W
    • Style Abstract
    • Genre Cityscape
    • Media Acrylic
    • Price SOLD
    • Keywords red, black, yellow, white, gray, charcoal, brown, Buildings, City, Towers, Skyscrapers, City landscape, Canadian art, Canada, Judith Cahill, JA Cahill, Canadian artist


    This is Cityscape.   Inspired by my beautiful city, and done in strong colors, this painting was donated to a Hospice Fundraising Event. My aim in painting is to eliminate extraneous visual detail and to paint the feeling, the presence, the humanity.   It is existential. It requires being present in the feeling and the moment, paying attention to the tone and content, unbiased by what has occurred to this point and what may come.    
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