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    Buy Medicine Buddha Mandala Metal Print by artist Katalin Ubornyak available at Check out the best price and select the print sizes and room view.

    It is an oil panting on canvas, the traditional Medicine Buddha or Blue Buddha Mandala. It has very powerful healing energy.

    About Katalin Ubornyak

    Katalin Ubornyak a sacred painter, who use the traditional symbols in a new aspect, combines iconography and art. She is painting with "Art Yoga" method, what is her main subject after fine art. For her, the painting is a way to understand this world, to find right place and the way to be connected. The painting is a spiritual task, meditation, what can help people to see the truth, the real world, to find the missing contact. It is much above pleasure or joy.   She studied in a private school. She committed to the Asian art and therefore moved to India later. She learned the Indian meaning of art, to understand the contact between philosophy and art and she got a good possibility to practice her meditative technique. She had exhibitions in India and she was invited workshops also. When she came back to Europe she had more exhibitions. She is living in UK now, working and exhibit with Bromley Art Society. She published a book about Rabintranath Tagore in 2004 and a photo album in 2012 about Ludas-tó (Hungary) with the text of Hansakunda Upanishad. She is writing articles, giving lectures and organise retreats about art and Art Yoga. She lives in London. Solo 1993 HICC – New Delhi - India 1993 AIFACS – New Delhi India 1994 Jain Gallery – New Delhi – India 1994 Jangpura Gallery – New Delhi – India 1996 M?vel?dési ház, Törökbálint , Hungary 1997 M?vel?dési ház, Ladánybene, Hungary 2001 Kecskemét Liga Könyvtár, Hungary 2002 Lajosmizse M?vel?dési ház, Hungary 2003 Gy?r M?vel?dési ház, Hungary 2006 Nehru Centre, London, UK 2010 Bromley Art Centre, London, UK   Group 1995 Workshop and exhibition Delhi Gallery – India – (group) 1995 Auction for Tibet and exhibition – New Delhi – India (group) 1999 Lajosmizse Workshop and exhibition – (group) 2000 Lajosmizse Workshop and exhibition – (group) 2000 Exhibition in Vienna – Austria – (group) 2016 Bromley Library, London (group) - UK 2016 Stanley Hall -London (group) – UK 2017 Horniman Museum – London (group) 2017 Ripley Art Gallery - London (group)

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