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  • No License Required - Small Fleece Baby Burp Blanket


    Small Fleece Baby Burp Blanket, size 16" x 12"

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    A large Alaskan Grizzly bear fishing for late summer spawing sockeye salmon.

    About Dan Twitchell

    If my art/photography has a mission, it is this: capture Alaska’s rugged and beautiful scenery and wildlife, and present them in an artistic and pleasing way, stirring up unexpected emotions and thoughts in the viewer. It may be a grand majestic scenic view, or the simple gaze of a red fox in the wild, captured through my photography and artistically rendered through my paintings. Alaska is my subject matter and each beautiful unique location offers itself to my interpretation.  I often paint plein air on location as an inspiration, with my focus being composition, colour, values, and light.  These small painting studies are often used as templates for larger more refined studio paintings. I paint in an impressionistic manner, and attempt with each finished painting to breathe life into the subject, and capture it in all its glory…vibrant and full of colour. My photography is complimented by my artistic eye, making for unique compositions, lighting and colour.  I often apply an artistic touch to my photos as they are ever much a piece of art as my paintings.

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