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    Slide On Sandals, Walk in Comfort with Sandals Featuring Memory Foam and a Sublimatable Adjustable Strap, featuring a Photo or Image of your choice. Memory Foam Padded Footbed, Rubber Outsole, Adjustable Straps.

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    Jesus Christ portrait painting on stretched canvas by Amal Raj Augustine  DETAILS * Name: Jesus Christ * Painter: Amal Raj Augustine * Size: 18" x 24" (45x60 cm) * Original handmade oil painting on canvas * Stretched canvas * Style: Modern, Abstract * Certification of Authenticity attached  * Express shipping 3-4 days worldwide * 30 Days full money refund accepted I only use the best of the best professional ARTIST GRADE canvas and paint so you can always be assured you are getting gallery quality piece - You will never find me cutting corners (even in this economy) with cheap plaster/joint compound/home improvement store bulk paint OR machine made flimsy canvases, mine are hand stretched with premium canvas and stretcher bars right here in the INDIA. Thank you for your interest in my art! ~Amal Raj Augustine

    About Amal Augustine

    Amal Raj Augustine,(b.1994,India) My name is Amal Raj Augustine,23 year old I live and work now in India on the Beautiful Garden city Bangalore Born and raised in India, and for several years as a full time artist working At first it was to devote just a hobby and later I was so impressed by the painting that I gave up my job for me all the painting I do all kinds of paintings mainly use Acrylic colors.I do fluid paintings,abstract art,portrait paintings,Animal Art,Paint splash started painting from my schooling days,Have years of experience in Portrait paintings and abstract art.I love doing paintings on large canvas. Male

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