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  • Contemplation - Travel Luggage Tag (Fiber Reinforced Plastic)


    Gloss White 2-Sided Travel Luggage Tag is made of Fiber Reinforced Plastic, for durability (Bag Tags 0.09” thick). Pre Cut to Accept Standard Travel Luggage Tag Strap.

    Buy Contemplation Travel Luggage Tag Art Print by artist Lana Fultz available at Travel Luggage Tags are made of fiber reinforced plastic for durability. Check out the Travel Luggage Tag (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) Art Print collections available at

    Inspired by the first of a series of people in Landscapes in which the first one, "Dreams" won an award in an online competition.. Inspiring with a tremendous message inside. This would inspire you every time  when you look at it on your wall. This painting also won Honorable Mention in the series of 4 paintings of my People in Landscapes with more to come. Contemplation is #2 in the series.

    About Lana Fultz

    My passion is to share and sell bright and beautiful oil landscape paintings that represent the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. When people look at my paintings it brings joy to their heart and joy to my heart knowing that my paintings are hanging on someone's wall. 

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