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    Anya is painting 3 of my Royals Series and she's my poor little rich girl from a broken home. The daughter of Ivan III, who was descended from the feared Emperor, Nicholas the Bloody, who's reign was credited with the fall of the Russian Empire in the early 20th Century. Anya is one of the great grandchildren of one of Nicholas's sons, Ivan II of the Romanov Dynasty, who was hidden away when the rest of the family was executed in 1918.  Anya mourns the death of her royal ancestry and often dons the royal kokoshnik of her favorite ancestor and namesake, Grand Duchess Anastasia. Anya can be seen cavorting with 21st Century rock and roll royalty throughout the world. Her family is beside themselves over her flamboyant hair colors and piercings. She may even have a tattoo here and there hidden under her outerwear!

    About Lynne Bolton

    I am a self-taught artist, and my natural gift has always been my ability to capture faces.  I’ve been sketching portraits for as long as I can remember, but my painting career began under a pseudonym in 2001. I created blues portraits on wood using stains and oil paints for my own outsider art gallery, Primitive Kool until 2014.   In 2015, at age 59, I finally had time to develop my own style, apart from my blues-painting alter ego.I began experimenting with different styles and mediums, beginning with spray paints on wood and Masonite. These large stencil and spray creations were a hit and I sold several of them, but I needed more. Spray paint seemed detached and less hands on than I liked. While I enjoyed the speed at which I could create a piece of art, I missed the involvement with the work. The pieces, while attractive, did not feel personal to me.   In 2017 I began seeking my own portraiture style. I painted for eight hours daily, not always loving what I’d painted. I even painted electrical boxes on our block. Through practice, I began to develop a colorful style that seemed to explode in the summer of 2017. I continue to practice and experiment, purchasing gilded frames in thrift stores and consignment galleries, and using them to put the finishing touches on my colorful paintings.   My ROYALS series was inspired by the film Marie Antoinette and the series Versailles, in which young, beautiful royals rule the land while having a grand party every day…beheadings aside!    

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