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    I decided to head north on 495, saw a sign for "Southwick's Zoo" and thought "Why not?" I should know by now, just because there's a sign advertising an attraction at a certain exit doesn't mean that the attraction is actually anywhere near the exit. So I found myself driving through downtown Milford, then Hopedale, and finally Mendon. The scenery kept getting prettier and prettier, and then I saw this scene off by the side of the road. I decided to go on to the zoo just to see if there was anything worth painting there. Maybe there was but I decided to head back to this spot. I parked my car in the driveway of the house across the street and knocked on the door to ask permission to paint. The guy told me to park at the owner's house. So I did. When I got out of my car I disturbed a flock of geese. There were also chickens wandering around the yard. Got permission from the owner, an elderly man with a long beard and a cane, who came out when I was about half finished to look. The sheep put in an appearance and then left, and a couple with their two grandchildren stopped off and I let the kids paint a little bit. Anyway, I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

    About Marc Clamage

    Marc Clamage is one of the foremost completely unknown artists in the world today. He paints and occasionally shows around New England, most recently at the Cambridge Art Association National Prize Show (2017), where he did not win a prize. He attended Tyler School of Art and then Boston University for his MFA, studying along the way with David Leffel and Harvey Dinnerstein at the Art Students' League and National Academy of Design respectively. One of Mr. Clamage's paintings is in the permanent collection of the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, CT.   About his art Mr. Clamage says, "There are two kinds of artists: those who look within themselves for inspiration, and those who look outside themselves. I belong emphatically in the second group. I am not interested in self-expression; I am interested in other-expression. I work exclusively from life in the representational tradition. I paint what I see."

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