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  • "The joy of being you" - Hardbound Portfolio Cover for Legal Note Pad Inside


    Hardbound Portfolio Cover for Legal Note Pad Inside, size 9 1/2" x 12 1/2"

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    Original oil on canvas by Darwin Leon

    About Darwin Leon

    Leon's art combines aspects of the masters of the Renaissance, including the technique of chiaroscuro, with his own surreal style, which he refers to as Expressionistic Surrealism. Scenic images portray the nature of expressive design through the movement of action and textured aspects. With a sharp sense of humor and figurative imagination, Darwin Leon details the social context of pseudo-political, human involvement with a gift for enhanced form and characterization. Displaying the imbalances of society with a satirical perspective, his artistic creations animate the discontinuities of the post industrial order. Leon's paintings play on the interpersonal deceptions that move a society. For four years, Darwin Leon was an Arts Instructor for drawing, painting, anatomy and modern painting at the South Florida Arts Center, Miami Beach, and the Art center Manatee for eight years. He currently resides in Miami, Florida, where he teaches Drawing and painting at the Darwin Leon Academy for the Fine Arts, an on-line academy for the arts created by the artist. I believe in revising classical methods of art to create a more contemporary form of expression. My art mirrors life and the social issues of our time, while revealing the historical aspects of humanity that continue to govern and motivate us even today. In my work, the human figure is the constant denominator drawing on classical interpretation and moving into surrealism that symbolizes the echo of human nature, distortion, and motivation through time. With a foundation for serious commentary, I employ the levity of humor so that people can grasp the meaning without feeling too challenged by the message. Darwin Leon

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