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Mikel Robinson

Mikel Robinson

About Mikel Robinson

United States

The Original Free Spirit.

Let's start from the very beginning, let's go back to March 29th, 1989 when I decided to join the world and from that day forward I was drawn to creating. I made sure that I found the creative outlet in everything I did and I could take up your time explaining this but to make a long story short I found myself creating art, different forms of art, but art. I do not draw or paint in reality all of my artworks are abstract and I will explain why. First of all my brain doesn't work that way or maybe its really that I subconsciously don't want it to, none the less I tell people I live in reality so I don't paint in it. Painting to me is my emotional release from the craziness of the world so every painting that I have and/or sell is like selling or having a piece of myself. I pour my heart into my work and I want to go ahead and thank each and everyone of you that decides to purchase a little piece of me because that tells me that you understand and that the painting touched you too. If you don't buy one I still want to thank you too for taking the time to look and appreciate my work and my shop. I'm just a free spirit sharing my original paintings with the world and in essence a piece of myself, and little piece of my soul.

With Love, 



I have a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications from Northwestern Oklahoma State University in Alva, Oklahoma.