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As a watercolorist, I experience not only how the paint itself plays on the paper, but also how the water flows and mixes together with the paint. Water is the determining factor whether the paint is bold or muted. It blends the colors together and allows the paint to intermingle in a way that other mediums cannot. It is an active and complex partner changing both the absorbency and shape of the paper when it is wet and the outlines and appearance of the paint as it dries. I am challenged using watercolor paints because I am also anticipating and leveraging the behavior of water, rather than attempting to control or dominate it.    

Watching the paint and water intermingle is truly magical.  It allows me to be in touch with my inner spirit and lets my inner child play. It is an experience that stops time.  

My artwork allows you an opportunity to experience how I view the world and how I see the "ebb and flow" of life. Please join me in my quest to see the world in a unique and colorful way. 


Nancy Riedell, an internationally recognized, award winning, and Open Studios artist, originally from Santa Cruz County, California, now living in the greater Saxramento area, graduated from San Francisco State University where she studied Fine Arts. Classes included figure drawing, color values, acrylics, oils, and art history. 

Nancy’s love of art goes back to childhood as her mother encouraged her to develop her art skills by giving her art materials and art books so that she could develop her technique. 

Nancy’s current medium is watercolor. The bold use of colors and interesting landscapes has played a strong role in Nancy’s unique paintings. She feels that although she has been working with art since childhood, it is only within the last few years that she has felt the calling to go back into her art. Her work reflects her passion well by using strong, saturated color and theme. 

Nancy likes to take advantage of every opportunity and is known to carry her digital camera with her to photograph subjects for future paintings. She has captured beautiful sunrises in Monterey County, unique beach scenes in Santa Cruz County unusual rock formations in New Mexico, and covered bridges in Pennsylvania. Nancy is looking forward to becoming part of Portland’s eclectic art scene. 

Nancy’s art has been displayed in galleries and exhibitions on both coasts.


Awards Oct. 2012  

Monthly Winner, Daniel Smith 11th Annual Art Contest  

Weekly Winner, Daniel Smith 11th Annual Art Contest 



San Francisco State University

Major: English with a concentration in Creative Writing

Minor: Art

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