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United States

I am a local area photographer in the Houston area. I photograph such images as; florals, landscapes, wildlife, architecture, and historical sites.


A little bit about myself. I was born in Houston Texas on June 14,1977. I grew up in and around the Houston area. When I was young I was highly interested in art. I would watch PBS shows on how to draw and do my best to mimic what they were drawing. When I was sixteen years old I studied under the watercolor artist Karen George, and learned more about color and layout of images. In high school and Job Corp, as electives, I also took art classes to learn more and to develop my own style and feel. During my twenties I would draw here and there taking sometimes years off in between. Time that was spent processing the world around me, and creating within my mind a style that would eventually emerge in my work.

At the age of thirty I took a trip to Austin Texas. While walking along the nature trail around the Colorado River I decided that I would take some pictures of the amazing landscape there. The images from that shoot were disappointing to say the least. However, I didn't give up. I went back to Houston and purchase a digital camera, and it was a Kodak Easy Share 8.1 MP camera. I started shooting around Houston randomly, but not seriously or aggressively. I still was drawing at the time, but my new girlfriend at the time and now wife Jennifer told me that she enjoyed my photography more than my drawings. This was a pivotal moment in my life as an artist. So I set aside my pencil set, and started studying the art of photography.

Now ten years later I have developed a vast portfolio of images, and two websites that clients can purchase my images through. These shops can be found in the "Shopping" tab on this website. There are many products to choose from such as; museum grade canvas prints, art prints, posters, greeting cards, phone cases and accessories, t-shirts, bedding, and much more.
I appreciate everyone who takes an interest in my work and the time that they spend viewing it.

Thank you,
Nathan Little
Artist and Photographer


Much of my education in art and photography has been aquirred through art teachers, painters, other photographers, online video tutorials, and trail and error.

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