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Muhammad Ali: The Inspiration Lives On

Muhammad Ali: The Inspiration Lives On

It is clear that Muhammad Ali has had a tremendous impact on the world through his athletic abilities, but he is also greatly remembered for his deeply felt philosophies, and for his fight against Parkinson’s disease.  He has inspired many to do good deeds for humanity. has renowned  artist Dr. Curtis Dickman for his philanthropic contributions, through the sale of “3 Faces of the Naked Soul of Muhammad Ali.”  This masterpiece sold for $57,000 at auction, and went to the benefit of CHILDHELP, which is dedicated to the recovery of victims of child abuse. ( )

Dr. Curtis Dickman is a world renowned neurosurgeon, and has dedicated his life to helping others, not only in the operating room, but also with the emotional and spiritual healing  achieved through the expression and meaning of each of his masterpieces of art.  As Dr. Dickman has stated about his painting of Muhammad Ali,  “This painting is inspired by Muhammad Ali’s unique physical, spiritual, intellectual and emotional presence as a human being, a child of god. The painting depicts his physical and material essences (bottom panel), as he transforms to an intermediary stage (middle), and into a pure spiritual form (top image) as his soul ascends to heaven. Mr. Ali has stood for important principals of hope, courage, ethics, racial equality, religious freedom, brotherhood, mutual respect, compassion, commitment, and morals, and has inspired people throughout the world. This painting represents many of the basic principles that Mr. Ali symbolizes. That we, as human beings, are all created equal, and are made of the same spiritual, emotional, and material essences. All people are brothers and sisters; naked and equal before the eyes of god.” wishes eternal peace for Muhammad Ali.  His spirit and will continue in the hearts and deeds of others he has inspired.

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