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  • Pedrllehart - Youth Solar Performance T - White


    100% micro-fiber polyester; Engineered with permanent moisture wicking technology.  Light and durable, this material is anti-bacterial and mildew resistant.

    Features: Wicking factor, sublimation-friendly colors, two needle double-stitch seams, four thread over-lock for extra strength in hem seams, loose-fit cut.

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    About Nicholas Leslie

    Nicholas Leslie was born on the May 1968 in Birmingham. His creative talents became evident from a very early age and he soon found that he had a talent for art, poetry and music. As a young man, he traveled around the country, gaining experience in alternative lifestyles and genres.  All of this added to his creative talents and allowed him to produce extensive artwork and poetry. As he continued on his life’s journey, he became a father and encountered both good and bad times. He experienced some dark days and some light days but all of this simply added more depth to his work. By the early part of this century, he had become an accomplished artist and poet.

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