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About olga zelinska

Russian Federation

I am Olga Zelinskaya, artist and designer.
Please find below link to my work,
I live in Moscow.

Olga Zelinska was born in Abkhazia.
Graduated from Art School and University of Abkhazia in the field of Painting.
Lives and works in Moscow as an interior designer


Exhibitions and contests: 
Collective exhibition in Abkhazian state art gallery,1996-2000 
1997 – ‘Agava’ Gallery, (Sukhum, Abkhazia). Collective exhibition of young artists
2012 – Artweek contest (Moscow, Russia) – 1st award with ‘Undines Maidens’ and 2nd award with ‘Lemniscate’ diptych 
2012, spring – MARS Gallery (Moscow, Russia) 
2012, summer – Collective exhibition in Madrid, Spain, at Russian Center of Science and Culture (3 artworks)
2012 – Art Preview contest (Moscow, Russia) - finalist with ‘Beginning’
2013 – Baraonda contest (Saint Petersburg, Russia) - special prize: invitation for the watercolor held by Carlo Levi Literature Park 
2013 – ‘Ardena’ Gallery (Moscow, Russia) – Collective exhibition ‘Autumn Impromtu’ 
2014 – ‘Live Line of Modern’ (Moscow, Russia) - Collective exhibition at Merchant V.D. Nosov’s Mansion 
2014 – ‘Realism Today’ (Moscow, Russia) - Collective exhibition at Central House of Artists, organized by New Era Gallery. Artists: Ekaterina Medvedeva, Yuriy Fedorenkov, Ruben Apresyan, Vladimir Orlov, Sergey Zdukhov, Yuriy Umanets, Olga Zelinskaya, Olga Adamyan, Igor Panchenko (7 artworks), Vitaliy Kotikov, Katerina Nevolina
2014 – ‘Season Opening’ (Moscow, Russia) - Collective exhibition at Central House of Artists (5 artworks)
2014 – ‘Music in color’ - (Sukhum, Abkhazia) - Solo (chamber) exhibition (11 artworks)
2014 – ‘Art-Dresden’ Gallery (Moscow, Russia) - ‘Inomerie’ project by Leonid Feodor (3 artworks)
2014 – ‘Na Kashirke’ Gallery (Moscow, Russia) - ‘Inomerie’ project by Leonid Feodor (3 artworks)
2014 – ‘Dreams of something beyond’ (directing of dreams 2) at Library of Ukrainian Literature in Moscow, Russia (3 artworks)
2014 – ‘ХХ Chromosome’ (Moscow, Russia) - Solo exhibition at ‘Tsarevna-grad’ Gallery (underground flat party) (13 artworks)
2014 – ‘Palette of soul’ (Moscow, Russia) - Collective exhibition at Central House of Artists (3 artworks)
2014 – ‘To the New Year’ (Moscow, Russia) - Exhibition with ‘New Era’ Gallery held at Central House of Artists 
2015 February, ‘Gostiniy dvor’ Moskow, Varvarka str.. 
2015 February, ‘Emotions’ solo exhibition at House of slavic script. Moscow
2015 February, Winzavod. 'Mystic quest’ 3rd grade Diploma (for unusual colour solution), Certificate of merit by GALLERIX art club 
2015 March, ‘Women line’ solo exhibition at 6th pavilion of VDNKh 
2015 March, ‘Coffee cat’ art space ‘Meeting point’ Kitay-Gorod metro station
2015 04/04 - 04/05 ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Freelab; exhebition as part of Boho style festival 
2015 ’She-Who?’ Project: ‘Women in the art of modern artists’, organized by ’TETRA-ART'
2015 17.04-19.04 «ART.WHO.ART», Moscow
2015 07/04-14\05 ‘Legends and myths’, Moscow
(participants: I.Golub; V. Kotikov; O. Zelinskaya) 
2015 2.2 Galery-showroom, ‘Fashion season’, Okhotniy ryad, Moscow. 
2015 14.05 - 12.07 ’Stork on the roof’ Contest, State Darwin museum 
2015 May-June, ‘Zelenograd Cultural centre’, ’Secrets’ solo exhibition
2015 July, ‘Zelenograd CC’, ’Summer patterns’ organizer and participant
2015 July ‘Art-Dacha’, exhibition and auction ‘Emerald Summer’; organizer and participant 
2015 August, Project by Noumen Art laboratory - at ‘Forte Club'. 
2015 August, Black Dog Art gallery, ‘Water’ exhibition at Krasnye kholmy 
2015 August, ’Summer dates’ at Central House of Artists 
2015 September, ‘Zelenograd CC’, exhibition of Zelenograd artists
2015 September, ‘Mysteries’ Art-hostel FABRIC at ‘Krasniy Oktyabr' 
2015 27,28 September ‘DESIGN DAYS - 2015’, ’NOVOGORSK-7' 
2015 November - ’Signs’ solo exhibition, at ‘Vedogon’ theater, Zelenograd
2015 November, ‘Magic square’ Art Gallery ‘MOST’, Khimki 
2015 December, ’She-Who?’ Women image in art ’TETRA-ART’, Dzerzhinskiy
2015 December, ‘Zelenograd CC’, ‘Mamihlapinatapai’ exhibition 
2015 December, Central house of artists ‘Art-Yolka’ exhibition as a part of New Year celebrations 
2015 December, 'Russian-French Christmas’ at Art Library 
2016 January, ‘Independent Art Party’, Loft by 1905 metro station 
2016 January, ‘Magic’, at ‘Green Door’ anticafe
2016 Theatre "Vedogon" Zelenograd "Spring, girl, flowers"
2016 March Art gallery "Dresden", Moscow, Crystal lane., 1, Gostiny Dvor
2016 March "Spring - the element women's feelings" , Moscow,Pokrovka str., 1/13/6
2016 March the Exhibition "ANCIENT AND MODERN RUSSIA" Moscow, Tverskaya 14
2016 -April "beautiful Spring" CHA 
2016 April Gallery Nega Dmitrovskoe sh. "April discordance"
2016 May   exhibition at the gallery "Art Incognito" with a group of Abkhazian artists
2016 may exhibition at the concert "Springson" in the club "Vermel" the island of Balchug
2016 June-October, the Club-restaurant "the First" Istra 
2016 may exhibition at the concert "Springson" in the club "Vermel" the island of Balchug
2016  October Club HERE - exhibition "Spectrum"
2016 November, a performance-exhibition in the Moscow metro "never lean".
2016 November exhibition "Patterns" Cultural center of Zelenograd, 
2016 November Club here - exhibition and presentation of book with my illustrations "the Return of Galatea"
2017 January Singapore "Art Apart Fair 9th edition@pan Pacific orchard" ( gallery 11.12 2017 Singapore)
2017 March  Cultural centre "Zelenograd" exhibition "a Gift to a favourite city"


Membership in the Creative Union of Artists of Russia
Membership in the Association "Art of Nations" 
Membership in the Union of Zelenograd artists


Education: Sukhum Art Academy (branch: Painting)
Abkhazian State University (branch: Pictorial art)

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