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Nikita Gusev

Nikita Gusev

About Nikita Gusev

Russian Federation

I was born in Russia, Moscow. But I never feel that belong to the one country and only one nationality. Because of this I traveling around the world, stay for a while in one, next.. country where have working and making my art. Currently I have working in Shanghai, China as art cake`s teacher. I had lived in Thailand, South Korea, Russia, and had visited Vietnam, Turkey, Armenia. In future I have plan live for a while in America. From each countries I was learned something new and it was fond reflection in my art and life views. Because of my current job with cakes I try to do my painting colorful, "sweet" and making people happy, as real desserts and cakes. Life never stop moving and we always have to improve ourself and make our life better.


Professional Memberships/Awards

Silver Medal of Russian Confectionery contest 2012

Golden Medal of Russian Confectionery contest 2012

Golden Medal of International Confectionery Cup 2013

Golden Medal 2106 대한민국 국제요리 (제과) 경연대회   


Nizhniy Tagil state social-pedagogical academy,

Master's Degree

Painting, Sculpture, Design & Applied Arts