• Ocean Isle Beach, Paintings, Fine Art, Window on the World, Watercolor, By Angelo
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    • Artist Name Hasan Manik Dhunthari
    • Year 2019
    • Portfolio Name HASAN
    • Art Form Paintings
    • Size 10 (inches) H x 14 (inches) W
    • Style Fine Art
    • Genre Window on the World
    • Media Watercolor
    • Price $650.00
    • Keywords Ocean, Isle, Beach, Acrylic, original, watercolor, painting, drawing, paper, see, details,


    Acrylic original watercolor painting on drawing paper 250 GSM

    Ocean Isle Beach was created by artist Hasan Manik Dhunthari in 2019. This art piece , which is part of the HASAN portfolio, is a Paintings artwork. The style of this artwork is best described as Fine Art. The genre portrayed in this piece of art is Window on the World. The artwork was created in Watercolor. The size of the original art is 10 (inches) H x 14 (inches) W.
    Words which artist Hasan Manik Dhunthari feels best describe this work of art are: Ocean, Isle, Beach, Acrylic, original, watercolor, painting, drawing, paper, see, details, .

    About Angelo

    Biography:      I am based in the west and I am architect,interior designer and I love arts very much.... my paintings are the fruit of extended periods spent walking and sketching, distilling the dramatic landforms and wildness of the coast and moorland across Dorset, I often return to familiar places in between seeking out new places and inspiration. I find that sketching a place has a far stronger impact than taking photographs. The kinesthetic motion reinforces the feel of the land creating a physical connection with my surroundings. My drawings activate my memories and leave my imagination free when I come to complete my paintings. My paintings aim to simplify the complexity of the landscape and florals, drawing out the image and building and balancing shape and colour to reflect the strength and uniqueness and beauty and neat.

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