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Russian Federation

Polly Kole is a young sculptor and painter. 
Polly started her creative way in the Siberia, in the Tyumen. Polly graduated from music school with excellent marks and matriculated to the vocal faculty of the university. 
But it wasn't enough to satisfy her. That`s why then she went to the Moscow, the capital of Russian Federation. There, Polly began to actively study painting and sculpture. Furthermore, she studied in British Higher School of Art and Design. Hard and over hours of work in the studio soon remind of oneself. Polly has formed her own, colorful style at the junction of post-modernism and actuality.
There is a tendency to humanize superheroes in the Polly`s sculptures.  Polly creates realistic statues, which are so eager to escape the framework of sculpture and step forward, touch, send the thought to the viewer. Polly is an innovator, she is not afraid to use different techniques and materials in her works. There are plastic, metal, gypsum harmoniously fit well into Polly`s works and makes sculptures interesting and attractive. 
Polly shows her attitude to concerns and questions of society through her art. The artist's works are emphatically apolitical. According to Polly, creativity should not be limited to the context of conjuncture.
At the present time, Polly is a creator of art workshop and school, actively create new works and prepare for the future exhibitions.

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