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    "The Nature" During my recent visit I caught some sites in my mind and imagine to illustrate on canvas. I included one more peaceful painting, which inspired by nature peace, that we all are seeking now a days. During making of this painting I was feeling the nature in very natural way. I was traveling out of city and far from urban area, every where greenery with silence, no pollution in air, no cars rush, only me and the nature. I really feel good as like I was seeing a dream.  I used acrylic colors, mainly green color which reflect nature greenery and give coolness to our eyes. It's positive essence.

    About Raksha R

    Artist and also curate Art shows for social working foundations. From childhood I am interested in paintings and sculptures. I am self taught artist and achieved many awards. I worked in handicraft unites where i used to design and export many handmade articles in my job. By education I am Master of International Business with Foreign Trade Diploma and worked with some good organizations but always passionate about Art and Crafts. In my long journey I used to catch many natural sites, events, feelings and illustrate on canvas. I always try to put livelihood of the objects in my works. It's my pleasure to share my artworks with viewers. Thanks

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