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Raksha R

Artist and also curate Art shows for social working foundations. From childhood I am interested in paintings and sculptures. I am self taught artist and achieved many awards. I worked in handicraft unites where i used to design and export many handmade articles in my job. By education I am Master of International Business with Foreign Trade Diploma and worked with some good organizations but always passionate about Art and Crafts. In my long journey I used to catch many natural sites, events, feelings and illustrate on...

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  • Original Art, Acrylic Painting

    • Original Art, Acrylic Painting, Architecture,Decorative Arts, Abstract,Commercial Design,Cubism,Expressionism,Fine Art,Futurism,Impressionism,Modernism,Performance Art,Realism,Romanticism,Sensationalism,Street Art,Symbolism, Analytical art,Architecture,Cityscape,Conceptual,Daily Life,Decorative,Documentary,Environmental art,Fantasy,Figurative,Happenings,Inspirational,Land Art,Landscape,Memorial,Narrative,People,Religious,Still Life,Weddings,Window on the World, Acrylic,Canvas, By Raksha R
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    Artist Name Raksha R
    • Artist Name Raksha R
    • Year 2017
    • Portfolio Name Love & Affection
    • Art Form Architecture,Decorati ve Arts
    • Size 18 (inches) H x 24 (inches) W
    • Style Abstract,Commercial Design,Cubism,Express ionism,Fine Art,Futurism,Impressi onism,Modernism,Perfo rmance Art,Realism,Romantici sm,Sensationalism,Str eet Art,Symbolism
    • Genre Analytical art,Architecture,City scape,Conceptual,Dail y Life,Decorative,Docum entary,Environmental art,Fantasy,Figurativ e,Happenings,Inspirat ional,Land Art,Landscape,Memoria l,Narrative,People,Re ligious,Still Life,Weddings,Window on the World
    • Media Acrylic,Canvas
    • Price $500.00
    • Keywords Painting, Acrylic, Abstract Art, Abstract Expressionism, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Conceptual Art, Documentary, Environmental Art, Expressionism, Figurative Art, Impressionism, Land Art, Modernism, Outsider Art, Realism, Street Art (Urban Art), Canvas, Abstract Art, Architecture, Asia, Body, Cities, Cityscape, Colors, Culture, Fantasy, Garden, Interiors, Landscape, Love / Romance, Nature, Outer Space, Places, Seascape, Seasons, Spirituality, Still life, Water, World Culture, art, artworks, love, rainy, season, wall decor, original art, canvas art, large wall art, large painting, painting, home decor, artist, new artworks, color, red, umbrella, tree, nature, peace, natural, way, life, modern art, unique art, city view, interior, christmas, gift for her, gift, anniversary, wedding, occation, bedroom, paintings, contemporary, handmade, original, original painting, largeart, wall cover


    Love in Rainy season.. I made this art in rainy season with the great feeling of a couple. I made trees and city view which reflect love and affection for couple, a peaceful weather.  Note: 1. Color may vary in pictures.  2. Please contact for further detail and query before purchase.  3. This work is made on canvas board.  Hope you all like my this creation, please share the art .. share the love.. Thanks
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