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Rebecca Magar

Rebecca Magar

I have always been inspired by fantastic and imaginative stories with dark themes. In addition to my love of fantasy, I grew up with a close relationship to (and love for) animals. These ideas and inspirations naturally made their way into my own work while I progressed as an artist. My work would be best described as imaginative realism or dark fantasy art and has been compared to other traditional illustrative artists such as Frank Frazetta or Jeff Jones. I frequently include animals, death, skeletons, crows and other dark...

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  • Geirskogul

    • Geirskogul, Illustration,Paintings, Fine Art,Realism, Fantasy,Mythical, Acrylic, By Rebecca Suzanne Magar
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    Artist Name Rebecca Suzanne Magar
    • Artist Name Rebecca Suzanne Magar
    • Year 2016
    • Portfolio Name Acrylics
    • Art Form Illustration,Painting s
    • Size 23 (inches) H x 27 (inches) W
    • Style Fine Art,Realism
    • Genre Fantasy,Mythical
    • Media Acrylic
    • Price $900.00
    • Keywords blue, black, gold, orange, purple, norse mythology, norse, Viking, Valkyrie, shield maiden, shield, spear, sword, war, battle, Viking battle, Vikings, crows, crow, flock of crows, clouds, storm, mountains, landscape, fire, fight, death, hills, landscape, Valkyrie painting, Viking painting, norse painting, norse art, Viking art, Valkyrie art, war art, battle art, crows art, crow art, ravens art, raven art, war painting, battle painting, crow painting, crows painting, Painting, acrylic, acrylics, acrylic painting, painter, painterly, acrylic paint, fantasy art, fantasy, traditional art, traditional, realism, fine art, illustration, illustrator, comic, comic book, comics, dark art, dark, spooky art, spooky, mythical art, mythical, mythological art, mythological, mythology, myth, ethereal art, ethereal, gothic art, gothic, imaginative art, imaginative, imaginative realism, art, artist, arts, professional artist, book cover art, book cover artist, book illustrator, book illustration, book designer, illustrator, illustrations, album art, album cover art, album covers, album illustration, music illustrator, album artwork, album artist, album cover illustration, album cover artist, album cover illustrator, album illustrator, heavy metal art, metal art, metal artist, wailing wizard, Rebecca Magar


    Geirskögul (or spear-skögul) was a valkyrie described in old Norse mythology. She bore a spear and was set-forth by Odin to select those who would die in battle and ultimately be taken to Valhalla. Acrylic on Illustration Board, 26"x22”, Completed in 2016
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