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Rebecca Sakovitch

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United States

I was born in El Paso,Texas where I was surrounded by creative people.  When I was around 6 years old, my family moved to Southern California. I found my love of art through the many cultures and people that surrounded my life.  I have always been fascinated by the human face.  To me capturing the soul through the eyes told the whole story.  I am a self taught artist, taking classes where every and when ever I could afford them.  When the internet was introduced to me I would and still do, spend hours looking and searching for art work that appealed to me.  This is also where I found the courage to put my art out to the masses.  

I teach art to children through a program called Young Rembrandts.  I especially like teaching children with Autism. These children can let go and be creative using pencils and markers.  I am always amazed of their work.  I feel that we all have a voice and art reaches the depth of the heart and soul especially in children.

I was always taught from my family that if you don't share your talent then you haven't reached your true potential.ition that I can could also be used in art Jiewlerys


Finalist in Fusion Art/figures and faces/march 2016 archives


Dental Tech-West Coast Collage, California ( I found that the tools used in this field could be used in art)  My first jewelry making class.  I started designing for my boss and he opened up a jewelry store with my designs. 

Art classes where ever and when ever I could afford to take night classes.

Iconography classes: Byzantine style of writing Icons

online art classes