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  • Over, Under and Through - Mens T-Shirt (Athletic Grey)


    Dye Sublimation Printing Used to Obtain Excellent Image Quality on Mens T-Shirt.

    Delivers look and feel of organic cotton with wickability of advanced poly-performance fibers.
    Features: Wicking factor, two needle double -stitch seams, four thread over-lock for extra strength in hem seams.

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    Abstract painting using varied, bold color palette

    About Sal Panasci

    The goal of all my paintings is to create excitement for the viewer, first and foremost. Each painting is inspired either by nature, or my travels and created to embody immediate impact and lasting power. I create a visual which has never been seen before. I intend each painting to engage the viewer through it's own unique powers of color, motion and dimensionality. I want to invite the viewer to experience a sense of wonderment and curiosity, instantly. I seek to involve the viewer by searching the variety of textures, dark and light passages and space within the painting. Are the colors connected? Do they hover above the surface, or streak across the surface? My goal in every painting is to have the viewer return to the painting and discover new associations with it, adding to the overall sense of feeling the beauty of it's excitement. I want both the viewer and the painting to engage in a dialog with one another.  

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