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Sergey Lutsenko

Sergey Lutsenko

About Sergey Lutsenko


Ukrainian Painter


Sergey Lutsenko was born in 1988 in Bila Tserkva, Ukraine. He has been painting since a long time. He works in different styles: realism, impressionism, abstract art, surrealism. His legacy includes more than 700 paintings. Many works of his belong to private collections in Ukraine and countries near and far abroad. He has taken part in numerous exhibitions, including his personal ones.

Solo exhibitions:
2004 Sergey Lutsenko solo exhibition "The world around us" in Belaya Tserkov;
2012 Sergey Lutsenko solo exhibition "Tribute to nature" in Kyiv, Wunjo-Art Gallery;
2016 Sergey Lutsenko solo exhibution "Creative journey" in Kyiv,Kavaleridze museum;
2017 Sergey Lutsenko solo exhibition "Art Fusion" in Kyiv,AMD design club;
2017 Sergey Lutsenko solo exhibition "Divergence of Reality" in Kiev, "Manufactura" Art-Gallery

I discovered a new style of painting-FUSION.
Fusion is a style characterized by “combination of incompatible”, i.e. it unites absolutely different ideas from seemingly incompatible styles without losing wholesomeness and harmony.
Realism and abstract art are two styles which complement each other by blending into one – fusion.
It is a free synthesis of color and form. A smooth and subtle transition from something abstract and surreal into something realistic is the peculiarity of this style. It employs bold creative experiments by combining paints and images in a painting. One of the biggest values of this style is freedom of coexistence of phantasmagoric objects along with objects properly drawn according to all the rules of classical art. It is a fresh way of conveying ideas in the well-established world of laws and notions of painting. 
It is a synthesis of daring and frank colors such as raspberry red, turquoise, green, royal blue and cobalt blue with subtle and sometimes pastel colors. Paintings created in the style of fusion do not convey any profound messages, they rather engage on the emotional level.
The style of fusion includes the following elements:
- Transition from frank local colors to subtle shades;
- Texture combining relief and smooth strokes (palette knife/brush);
- Placement of phantasmagoric objects.
Each painting is an experiment. It is an experiment on mixing paints, laying strokes and composition. There are no rules or limitations – this is the essence of the style.
In this series, each painting is like an independent film with its own plot, but yet is always connected to the previous one.


Sergey graduated from the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts with a Master’s Degree in interior and landscape design.